[Senior] Professional Stylist

Precision cuts, fashion color, and blended blondes are my areas of expertise. Corrective color is something I always look forward to. I love problem solving. Whether it’s a drastic change or just maintenance on your preferred style, your happiness is why I show up. I’m here to find the best you, you can be! 

Rita’s Schedule
Sun: 11am-5pm
Tues: 11am-8pm
Wed: Off
Thurs: 1pm-8pm
Fri: 12pm-7pm
Sat: 10am-6pm


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What would you like people to know about your work? My goal is to see you smile whether it’s a drastic change or just maintenance on your preferred style. Your happiness is why I show up. As a hairstylist I am not a magician, but I am here to find the best you you can be!

Why did you want to be a hair stylist?  My love of fashion and creativity opened my eyes to the beauty industry. I started off as a makeup artist but always admired my friends that did hair. So I signed up for beauty school at 28. It’s been an exciting and gratifying journey. I look at every head of hair like a fingerprint. No two are alike. Each experience is an individual expression of my guest’s personal style. Helping someone achieve the look they want and educating them about how to style and take care of their hair has been rewarding and enjoyable for me from the moment I started.  

Where did you go to school?   Milan/Paroba

What are your specialties?  Corrective color, blended blondes, precision cuts, and fashion color are my top 4 areas of expertise. I love creating natural sunkissed blondes, but also am a huge fan of psychedelic hair color and animated futuristic cuts. Corrective color is always something I look forward to doing. It’s challenging and I love problem solving. Whether it can be done in just one visit or over several achieving someone’s hair goals is always worthwhile.

What do you love most about being a stylist?  The ability to make someone feel good about themselves. Hair is the one accessory we don’t take off. There is nothing more satisfying than making someone happy. I also love the fact that this industry is always changing and improving. There is always something new to learn and master. Continuing to learn from amazing educators and my co workers keeps me excited to try new techniques. Getting to talk to so many people from so many walks of life and learning from my clients makes coming to work every day an enjoyable and enlightening experience.

What inspires you / What influences your style?  Music and fashion inspire me. Luckily I have a teenage daughter to keep me up on the newest and latest trends. I do tend to look to past styles and vintage looks for inspiration as well. Classic traditional looks always catch my eye.

Favorite hair style?     Favorite Hair Products?  Classic bob!   A good purple/violet shampoo or conditioner to keep those cool blondes looking their best.  Mousse-I think its an underrated product that can be used for just about any length/texture of hair.

Anything else you’d like to share with your clients?  I want to make my clients feel comfortable. Consultation about any service is key. I want my clients to leave completely satisfied.

Where are you from?   Born in WA moved to Iowa as a small child and then to southern California as a young adult and back to WA in my 20s.

Favorite Books / Films / Bands?   Books: Anything true crime!   Films: Belly, Chappie   Bands: The Weeknd, Donormaal, Bjork, Portishead

Favorite Local Hangouts (Coffee, Food, Bars, etc)  Love City Love (Weekly open Mic night)   Nacho Borracho    Bar/food: Octo Sushi


Zodiac sign: Taurus

Education: Milan/Paroba