[Advanced] Professional Stylist

l love working with peoples ideas and customizing them to suit their own face shape and bone structure . I’m a graduate of Gary Manuel / Aveda Institute with Advanced Training at Seven Salon. I’ve learned to mix hair color to suit skin tone and eye color. I feel the difference between a good and great haircut is really matching an idea to the canvas to create a full rounded look.



Monday: Off 
Tuesday: Off 
Wednesday 2pm-8pm
Thursday 12pm-8pm
Friday 11am-7pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 11am-5pm
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What would you like people to know about your work?  I think hair is what can carry you through the day. It can be the accessory you wear every day and it should be a true reflection of what you also feel inside. You are your own story and hair can be a prop to help tell it to others.

Why did you want to be a hair stylist? During high school my ideas for my own haircuts were too edgy for big-chain salons so I started cutting my own hair. It became a fun outlet for my creativity so I ran with it.

Where did you go to school?    Gary Manuel Aveda Institute. Advanced training at 7 Salon where I learned to cut hair based on face shape and bone structure and hair color that would suit skin tone and eye color.

What are your specialties?  Edgy Cuts, Mid length, Shorter Pixie Cuts that are a bit edgier

What do you love most about being a stylist?  I love being able take ideas and make them into reality. I like the trust people give me when I deliver input to make a great haircut.

What inspires you / What influences your style? I always liked the weird, freaky, and bold but have an appreciation for classic styles so often combining them is enough of a twist to create more modern hair.

Favorite Hair Style & Hair Products?   So many options to pick from because in the end I want to deliver the style a person wants but I will always love a cool Joan Jett shag. I love the care free and cool look about it. My favorite products will be the ones that keep your hair healthy and protect it whether they be moisture for dry hair or protein for damage. 


Where are you fromSeattle.

Favorite Books / Films / Bands?  Margaret Atwood Oryx and Crake , sci-fi and dark comedy movies, KEXP radio .

Favorite Local Hangouts (Coffee, Food, Bars, etc)    Taco Chukis, Vivace, Re-bar.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?  Being from Seattle I don’t mind using an umbrella! I think I prefer a comfy sweater than waterproof gear, lol. 



Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Education: Gary Manuel Aveda Institute / Advanced training at 7 Salon