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As Co-Owner, DJ, Receptionist, Design, HR, and Fix It guy, Howie enjoys welcoming every one who walks through the door and make each person feel right at home. I… I mean “He” 🙂 gets to do things like design marketing stuff and code things like this website while booking clients. Formerly a sw engineer of 15 years, Howie left the hustle of the software world and returned to another passion: Social Work. He truly enjoys the unique challenges of running and operating a small business. While not afraid to try new things, he wants his focus to remain clear. To perfect what the Salon experience could be. Not a sterile laboratory or a Zen garden – but a vibrant, fun, unique, and ultimately – an enriching experience that people will want to come back for.


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What would you like people to know about your work?  I love making people feel super welcome when they walk in the door. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in our shop a million times, or this is your first. I want everyone to feel right at home.

Why did you want to be a hair stylist? You don’t want me cutting your hair, because I’m not a stylist  🙂

What are your specialties? Making people feel welcome, making sure our shop runs smoothly and everyone is happy. I enjoy doing all the “boring” business side of things as it (and running a small business in general) has a unique set of challenges. My favorite is working the front desk. Never a dull moment!

Favorite hair style?     Favorite hair products?  I see a lot of amazing work in our shop (and I’m not just saying that). Most of all, I  LOVE seeing people do something with their hair they’ve always been afraid to do, then do it! Otherwise, I really like people giving us their pony tails so we can send it off to Locks of Love. I’m a big fan of our own, Red Chair Salon line!

Anything else you’d like to share with your clients?  I’d want them to know how important it is to me  all of us that they leave looking and feeling great. 


Where are you from?   I’ve been in Seattle since I was 5  but I was born outside of Chicago. I’ve lived in LA and Phoenix.

Favorite Books / Films / Bands? Bands: Curve    Books: Travel writing (Colin Thubron), Music History, and Arctic Exploration.

Favorite Local Hangouts (Coffee, Food, Bars, etc)  Tup Tim Thai, 15th Ave Coffee, Georgetown Liquor Co, Highline, and the Unicorn.

What’s something most people don’t know about you? I can ride a unicycle, I’ve written & performed a lot of music, and I was able to open The Red Chair Salon because of my 1969 Fastback. Ask me about it 🙂





Zodiac sign: Virgo

Education: DJ / Information Technology, and School of Hard Knocks

Experience: Yes. A lot.

Style: Funny, Intelligent, Witty, Talented, and reeeeeally Humble (oops... did I write this?)