[Senior] Professional Stylist
Whitney received her degree in cosmetology in 2010 right after high school! She knew she wanted to be in the Beauty Industry for basically as long as she remembers. She has been working in a Salon for 8 years now. Her favorite thing is having the pleasure of getting to know her clients. Understanding her client’s personality and lifestyle helps to create the best look for each individual. She loves the combination of art and science and feels there is always more to
learn. She enjoys furthering her education with as many classes as she can attend. Along with cutting and coloring hair, I also am certified in Waxing..



Sunday 11am-5pm
Monday – Off
Tuesday – 11pm-8pm
Wednesday 12pm-8pm
Thursday  Off
Friday Off
Saturday 10am-6pm
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What would you like people to know about your work?   I strive to ensure my clients are given my full attention, whether it is maintaining their
perfect hairstyle for inviting me to give my opinion on a fresh, new look for them.

Why did you want to be a hair stylist?   I love making people feel good about themselves. When I discovered I had a knack for hair in middle school I was
coloring, cutting mine and my friend’s hair. I realized this is something I was good at.. I also always knew about myself
that I am not the type of person to work a desk job. I need to be active and have personable relationships throughout
my work day. Everything about doing hair seemed like the perfect fit for me!

Where did you go to school?     Gene Juarez Academy in Seattle, Wa

What are your specialties?  I pride myself in knowing that I can accomplish any hair type and hairstyle that is brought to me but if I had to choose
some things I’d say I’m especially skilled in;
Clipper cuts/fades
long layered cuts
Foil highlights/lowlights
bleach&tone and fashion colors

What do you love most about being a stylist?  Clients are the reason I love my work! When they are satisfied that I helped them achieve their own special look, I want that confidence to guide them through whatever they need to do that day! It is an uplifting feeling to do what you love and to help make people feel good about themselves. I also love that during my work I get to talk and meet so many different, unique and amazing people everyday. Makes my day feel like i’m not even at work, just hanging out with awesome people!

What inspires you / What influences your style?   We have so many color choices to enhance our look, there are no cookie cutter versions of ourselves out there! Everyone is unique, and that is influential in itself! I want to share that moods can influence your style, and your style can influence your mood!

Favorite Hair Style & Hair Products?   I’m not sure I have an actual favorite hairstyle because everyone is different, including their hair so each and every client I work on is given a one of a kind unique hairstyle that fits them and them only. My favorite products to use are clay pomades, oils, sea salt spray and anything to give the hair some texture!

Anything else you’d like to share with your clients?   Let creativity roam free. You can be creative and fun while still holding a professional style. You don’t want to be 80 yrs old and saying “I wish I would have…. when I was younger”


Where are you from?    Enumclaw, Maple Valley, Kent, Seattle. (I usually just say south king county) lol

Favorite Books / Films / Bands?   Books – love going to the Metaphysical Library in Ballard, Anything on Carl Yung (psychologist) witchcraft or ALchemy really
interests me.
For movies my favorites are The Science of Sleep, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Kubo and the Animatrix.
For music, my favorite bands/people to listen to are Cocorosie, Portishead, Bright Eyes, Truth, Mystic Grizzly and Schlump. But my top favorite music changes all the time!.

Favorite Local Hangouts (Coffee, Food, Bars, etc)   Most of the underground electronic music venues to go dancing, Warehouse parties my friends put on. But other than that I don’t go out to much account of my 7 year old little boy,

What’s something most people don’t know about you?   I have the most amazing 7 year old son. He plays hockey and soccer. Growing up I had two very special horses all my own. I enjoyed competitions including horsemanship , Rodeo and barrel-racing! Also, I have been to Spain, Germany, France, Canada, Mexico, Paris, Japan and across the United States on a 4 year road trip. Haven’t been to every state but close!


Zodiac sign: PISCES

Education: Gene Juarez Academy