<span class="light">Another</span> sun-kissed Balayage by Rita, styled with Moroccan Oil smoothing lotion and treatment oil. #redchairrocks

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All about the ✂️ life! #redchairrocks

<span class="light">All</span> about the ✂️ life!  #redchairrocks

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<span class="light">Ever</span> wonder what we’re mixing up in those color bowls? #kuene color is formulated with superior ingredients resulting in long lasting hair color and our go to choice for creating endless color options. ?

Four reasons we use Tinta Color:

1. Superb conditioning
2. Silky soft shine
3. Durability due to UV Protector
4. No staining on the scalp

Need to refresh your color? We got you covered. Nothing but the best for our clients! #redchairrocks #tintacolor

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