You can book your appointment online or by calling us. Walk ins are always welcome!


Book Online:

Click the “Schedule Now” button to book online. It’s simple, fast, and easy. Just pick a Service, pick a Stylist, set a Time/Date – you’re done!  Better yet – you get a auto-reminder, once a month you get a newsletter w/promos, and a few top secret deals as well.  Shhhh!  🙂


Call Us:

Call (206) 922-2427 and one of our staff will make an appointment with the Stylist we feel would make the best fit possible (based on availability). From the Home page or “Our Team” link you can get a little more background on each member of the Red Chair Team.


Walk In:

Although we can’t guarantee availability, we can usually accommodate a Walk In hair appointment within an hour – enough to time to grab a cup of coffee from one of our neighboring cafes or a quick bite from a fantastic selection of local, neighborhood restaurants. It just depends on the day  🙂


Have Questions?

Give us a Call at (206) 922-2427 or shoot us an Email at: